About Us

After years of development there is now a choice spanning the most popular shower enclosure sizes so you may never need to suffer leaks again. The shell of the Envirotec shower pod is a mighty strong multi-layered composite polymer constructed in much the same way as the hull of a boat - totally waterproof. The sleek modern minimalist design ensures your choice of shower pod will blend seamlessly into your bathroom environment. The smooth high-gloss finish of the surface gel coat is easy to clean, only requiring a wipe over with soapy water or a non-abrasive proprietary cleaner.

Installation could not be simpler. The shower pod shell does away with the need for traditional tiling, and with that goes a time consuming job. No tiles means no grouting. No grouting means no maintenance and no possibility of leaks over time. No leaks mean you won't suffer from the associated smell of mildew, so your bathroom will always small clean and fresh.

The Envirotec pod is designed so it simply cannot leak. Conventional shower enclosures rely on the integrity of the joint between the shower tray and the tiled wall to prevent the escape of water. The Envirotec pod has a moulded upstand that reaches far up the wall where it joins to the upper panel hence nowhere for water to go except down the drain.

We have a range of designs, sizes and colours to suit every bathroom suite.
The antibacterial finish on our units means that they are very low maintenance; they don't gather soap scum or mould. This is why our units are so popular with student accommodation, hotels and private landlords.

How are we different to other Leak Free Shower Pod manufacturers? Our Shower Pods are sold as component parts. Unlike most manufacturers, we offer our Shower Pods as component parts. This is to say, you buy the Shower Pod shell and doors separately. This gives you the option of fitting alternative (or reuse existing) doors to those suggested should you wish to do so. As a result of this you have complete freedom to choose which type of shower to attach, be that electric or thermostatic.

The shell of each Envirotec pod is available in a choice of three colours, Porcelain White, Sandstone Granite and Black Granite. So not only can you rid yourself of a leaky shower, you can also choose the colour that compliments your bathroom décor.